Reduce errors. Increase accuracy. Fix your broken supply chain. It starts with a good plan.

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Ready to quiet the chaos?

Inventories are out of control. Errors in scheduling and preference cards are frequent. There’s no communication between departments. The only consistency is your ability to operate inconsistently.

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Clinical Integration:
A supply chain that works

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Vanderbilt Health Supply Chain Solutions helps achieve clinical integration in your supply chain to increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve accuracy of scheduling and delivery of medical supplies.
We offer a wide range of supply chain optimization services including procedural audits, change management programs and specific recommendations for improving scheduling accuracy, enhancing management of existing inventories, standardizing physician preference cards and evaluating/building offsite storage facilities.
We analyze and support your efforts with a holistic approach. We guide you from silos to shared goals that include reduced waste, improved efficiency and better business and clinical practices.

Why Vanderbilt Health Supply Chain Solutions?

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  • Centered on Excellence
    Our philosophies and protocols are built on the foundation of Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s award-winning supply chain initiatives. Our approach has been tested and refined in a real-world clinical setting with demonstrated outcomes and best practices.

  • Configurable Solutions
    Our approach is nimble and highly flexible. Your organization is unique. Our support will reflect that by thoroughly evaluating your individual needs and delivering a personalized solution that is backed by proven approaches.

  • People-Focused
    The best process and procedures fall flat without the support of your people. We are skilled at bringing teams together internally to create alignment, establish common goals and ensure commitment to embracing necessary changes.

  • Comprehensive Capabilities
    We offer end-to-end solutions for your supply chain and bring a unique combination of capabilities to the table. From assessment to implementation, we are there to ensure success.

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